New D.Va 'Overwatch' Bug Found In Latest Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 30, 2017 10:10 AM EST

"Overwatch" has recently received the "Year of the Rooster" DLC update, which adds a lot of add on content for the team-based shooter. It seems the update has some unintended effect on game's 3v3 mode. Players who participate in the Arcade game option find themselves fighting against the other team in the Ecopoint: Antartica map. The latest update seems to have carried a bug that affects D.Va when she is ejected from her mech suit.

Before the latest patch, Mei players reportedly exploited a glitch which allowed her to clip through the map. Cheaters used the exploit to turn a losing game into a draw by hiding from their opponents. It appears that in their effort to correct the former bug, a new one has surfaced that automatically kills the players when certain conditions are met, reports Game Rant.

The latest "Overwatch" glitch happens when D.Va users are entering the ejection animation after she takes too much damage. In a normal scenario, the pilot lands safely and can resume shooting at the enemy or run away until her meter recharges. Instead, what happens is the pilot being shot out of the map into a texture less environment until they fall and eventually die.

Looking at a video of the glitch, it appears the pilot is flung far away from the battleground and slowly falls down toward the bottom of the map, according to Kotaku. When the player bites the dust, the status icon then displays the blank portrait and an arrow which indicates that the death was caused by falling off the map.

Since the bug has apparently affected a lot of gamers, a Blizzard software engineer confirmed that a hotfix was being pushed to the servers. "Overwatch" continues to receive multiple free content and quick responses from the development team. This has obviously led to the game's continued success, which was recently supported by the publisher's 25 million users achievement milestone.

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