'Civilization 6' Cheats To Get Religious Victory In Greatest Game Ever!

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 01, 2017 10:26 AM EST

The "Civilization 6" developers recently added a Religious Victory option with a design that reportedly fits very well into the video game. Players are expected to convert enemies to their religion as a way to defeat them. In the meantime, latest reports claim that the animations on "Civilization 6" make it the greatest game of all time.

Scythia and Tomyris Are Top Picks For Winning A Religious Victory

The "Civilization 6" Associate Producer Sarah Darney has reportedly revealed that the aforementioned leaders may be the best choice to win a Religious victory. Darney reportedly noted that the Kurgan lets players build up faith early on. Furthermore, it is said that "Civilization 6" players may get a Religious Victory even before enemies can defend themselves if either Scythia or Tomyris is used.

It has further been revealed that getting a +1 Faith in the Capital may be crucial for "Civilization 6" players to get their first Pantheon Belief, Eurogamer reported. In addition, India is reportedly a good option for advancing the religious route. Note that India features the special tile improvement Stepwell that reportedly generates bonus faith when it is beside a holy site. Moreover, Fertility Rites are reportedly crucial for city growth as it reportedly gives players a 10 percent bonus on growth rates.

"Civilization 6" Cartoon Leaders Appear Alive

In other news, it has been revealed that the cartoon leaders of "Civilization 6" may have exaggerated features that reportedly make them feel more alive. The "Civilization 6" developers have reportedly added movements like pursing lips, craning necks and waving hands. Interestingly, the movements reportedly do not look robotic but rather smooth and constant, Kotaku reported.

The "Civilization 6" developers have reportedly improved the hair and fabric textures as well. Additionally, the entire faces of the leaders reportedly contort in emotion, pinch and shift as well. In contrast, typical video games reportedly sport more static movement such as fingers looking like claws.

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