Nintendo 3DS Will Remain In Business; President Kimishima Says There Will Be No Big Switch

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 01, 2017 07:49 PM EST

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says Nintendo Swith won't be a replacement for Nintendo 3DS. The company head denies apprehensions on possibility of replacing the handhelds. He assures fans that Nintendo will continue to develop exciting games gor the 3DS family of systems.

In a latest interview with Bloomberg, President Kimishima says Nintendo's new console-handheld hybrid, Nintendo Switch, is not meant to become the entire replacement of Nintendo's current handheld platform, the Nintendo 3DS. The President adds that thanks to the stability of the Nintendo Software, the #DS hardware is still expanding. Contrary to public fear, he believes that Switch will not degrade but rather, further promote its 3DS counterpart.

Polygon reports that the President of Nintendo of America, President Reggie Fils-Aime has agreed and further reiterated President's Kimishima's philosophy in the recent Nintendo Switch event. The President says Nntendo's ultimate intention is to place Nintendo 3DS and 2DS side by side with the Switch.

Fils-Aime acknowledges that Nintendo 3DS is enjoying a greater momentum than initial expectations. He emphasized that Nintendo's ultimate goal was and always will be putting their two great products side by side.

President Kimishima's declarations were concise and direct. The presidents made sure that there are no favorites. This reinforced Nintendo's vision on the the co-existence of 3DS and Switch.

Kimishima stressed that Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch are both valuable products that each possess a unique characteristic differ from the other. The president adds further that the play experiences offered and price points of the two systems are different.

Nintendo believes that these two products should not be seen as direct competitions. The President ensures that the company is planning to continue both businesses, separately and in a parallel manner.

Kimishima revealed a list of titles announced that are currently in the making for 3DS. The list includes which includes Ever Oasis. Fire EmblemEchoes: Shadows of Valentia Mario Sports Superstars and Pikmin. Nintendo says it has sold 62 million 3DS hardware units worldwide.

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