'Kingdom Hearts III' Tweets Homage To 'Final Fantasy VII'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 02, 2017 06:05 PM EST

With Final Fantasy XV being released last year, Square Enix has reportedly shifted its focus on its next big titles. Reports claim fans are eager to get their hands on "Final Fantasy VII Remake" and "Kingdom Hearts III." Several promotion videos and demos have already been released for the two games, but a definite release date still remains unknown. However, the company surprised fans by tweeting an image of the Disney collaboration emulating the other RPG.

The Japanese publisher posted an image in Twitter, which shows Sora holding a Keyblade in a familiar pose. He can be seen standing right up front of a tower, reports Game Rant, Sources claim the image is a very subtle tribute to "Final Fantasy VII," which is considered by most as one of the most iconic RPGs released for the original Playstation console.

The photo's framing and the character pose is surely recognizable to fans waiting for Square Enix's "Final Fantasy VII Remake" to come out. For gamers who are having a hard time understanding the image, just replace the "Kingdom Hearts III" protagonist with Cloud and the tower with the Shinra building. Fans should realize by now the picture is a tribute to the original game's box art, where Cloud is shown facing the towering Shinra structure.

In a report from Polygon, the tweet was probably meant to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Final Fantasy VII" and its release in Japan. The company also released another image showing the characters Cloud and Sephiroth in their remastered form. They referred to the photo as a "key visual" from the remake.

Square Enix apparently also celebrated the 30th anniversary of its "Final Fantasy" franchise. Several announcements were also made about other games like the release date of "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age." The release dates of the story DLC content for "Final Fantasy XV" was also made public. It seems like fans still need to patiently wait for the launch dates of "Kingdom Hearts III" and "Final Fantasy VII Remake."

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