‘Super Mario Run’ Now Has An Easy Mode

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 02, 2017 06:15 PM EST

“Super Mario Run” was Nintendo’s first attempt at entering the mobile market. Whether you see it at success or a failure, 5% of the 78 million people who downloaded the game have purchased its full version, what does that mean in numbers?

CNET shares that out of the 78 million people who downloaded Nintendo’s first mobile title “Super Mario Run” only 5% or about 4 million people have paid $10 to purchase the full version of the game. This is about $40 million of estimated profit. It may seem a lot, but compared to Niantic’s “Pokemon Go”, $143 million in profit, with only 32 million downloads it gives a completely different view on the situation. The stated reason behind the success of the “Pokemon” title is the full capabilities of the game being available at download, where purchases are introduced as helpful goodies at prices much lower than $10, which offers a high conversion rate together with high amount of re-purchases. The $10 price of “Super Mario Run”, which has to be paid after the first five levels of the game is something that can push await players by both being unable to fully experience the game and the steep price, compared to the typical prices offered on the mobile market.

In attempt to attract more users and acquire additional purchases, Nintendo are releasing an upgrade to “Super Mario Run”. That is the introduction of an “Easy Mode”. Euro Gamer has announced the “Easy Mode” option will offer no time limit and infinite lives. This will make learning the levels and developing strategies much easier, but no coins collected in this mode will count. This mode will also make it possible to locate some of the more sneakily hidden special collectibles.

Uber Gizmo shares news on the coming special “Gold Goombas” event, which will take place in “Super Mario Run” until the 20th of February. The event is expressed in the spawning of a special gold goomba on the “World Tour” levels. Upon crushing the goomba, players will receive 30 gold coins and a stamp on a collection card. Upon filling the card with all needed stamps, players will receive a special Gold Goomba statue in their settlement. Upon filling four cards, players will receive a Giant Gold Goomba statue in their settlement. The Gold Goomba special event will be available until February 20, 2017.

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