Lone Survivor Director's Cut Free on PS Plus Today for PS3 and Vita, Spring Fever Sale Continues

By Alex Riviello , Updated Mar 11, 2014 11:44 AM EDT

As we recently reported, the Instant Game Collection of Playstation Plus this month is amazingly good. Last week saw the release of Tomb Raider and Dead Nation for free, and today subscribers can download Lone Survivor: Director's Cut. This game offers Cross-buy and Cross-play, meaning that if you nab it for free you not only get the PS3 version, you get the Vita version, and can start playing on one system and continue your same game on the other. Make sure you have headphones either way and try to play in the dark whenever you can...

Lone Survivor was a hit for the PC, scaring plenty of unsuspecting gamers. From the art style it looks like it might be doing that retro pixel-art that everyone else has been doing, and how could that possibly be frightening? The sound design is absolutely stunning, however, and you'll soon learn that graphics don't make scares. Lone Survivor is creepier than almost any other game out there. 

The Director's Cut version offers an enormous amount of changes. The graphics and lighting has been improved, there's new music, two new locations, a new sidequest, a new difficulty mode, and tons of game tweaks. There's even multiple New Game+ changes that will encourage you to play through the game again, including more new songs, new endings, dialogue, a new enemy, trophies, - more, more, more! It's the definitive version of the game, although the PS3 version offers Rumble support and the Vita offers touch-screen support on the inventory, so choose wisely. 

A new free game is alway great but this is also your weekly reminder that Sony's Spring Fever Sale is still going on. The deals on Need for Speed are gone, replaced with deals on Call of Duty. This week you can get The last few Call of Duty games (not including Ghosts) at a deep discount, as well as the bundles that include all the map packs. You can see a full list of all the titles on sale on Sony's blog, and remember that PS Plus subscribers get even bigger discounts. It's a good time to become a member if you aren't already!

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