'Final Fantasy 15' Booster Pack, Major DLCs Release Date Revealed

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 03, 2017 11:02 PM EST

The "Final Fantasy 15" developers are reportedly working on the first major addition to the game. On that note, the "Episode Gladiolus" expansion is expected to launch on Mar. 28, 2017. Moreover, a Booster Pack is slated to be released for "Final Fantasy 15" players on Feb. 21, 2017 reportedly adding new gear to the game.

Square Enix Adds Magitek Exosuit To Final Fantasy 15 Soon

The "Final Fantasy 15" developers recently announced the release dates for the upcoming expansion packs at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event. It has been revealed that the rad-looking Magitek Exosuit would be included in the "Final Fantasy 15" Booster Pack which is expected to give players an exhilarating experience in battles. Additionally, the "Episode Gladio" expansion will launch next month allowing players to play as Gladio himself.

"Final Fantasy 15" is further expected to include episodes for Ignis and Prompto later this year. Latest reports reveal that the Prompto may be coming out this June. Square Enix is yet to reveal the release date for the Ignis chapter.

Furthermore, Square Enix is expected to launch an expansion for Comrades that will reportedly add a four-player co-op to feature all the four main characters. Note that the first "Final Fantasy 15" add-ons were reportedly themed around Moogles and holiday content. Moreover, all of the DLC is reportedly included with the "Final Fantasy 15" $25 DLC pass on Xbox One and PS4 consoles, Gamespot reported.

Square Enix Teases Upcoming Remakes, Keeps Mum On Price Of Upcoming Episodes

Meanwhile, the "Final Fantasy 15" developers reportedly revealed that the new episode would feature a new storyline based on Gladio's perspective. Square Enix also confirmed that the Gladio episode is part of a planned DLC release which includes Prompto and Ignis episodes. The price of the episodes is yet to be announced, The Verge reported.

The "Final Fantasy 15" developers further announced that the PS4 remake of the "Final Fantasy XII" would be launching on July 11. Square Enix also teased the upcoming remake of the "Final Fantasy VII" in an art feature. The gritty metropolis Midgar, Cloud and Sephiroth were reportedly showcased in the piece.

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