‘Injustice 2’ Confirms Poison Ivy, Bane, & Black Canary

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 05, 2017 09:36 PM EST

“Injustice 2” is about to be released. With the date nearing, more and more information becomes available. Here are the most important reveals of the past few days.

GameSpot has shared the names of the characters which have been confirmed for “Injustice 2”. The new among them are Robin, Poison Ivy, Bane and Braniac. These characters will join the already announced roster of Batman, Blue Beetle, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd, Aquaman, and Atrocitus. As far as further announcements go, Ed Boon has said that there will be further character announcements which will cover characters which do not hold main positions in the DC Universe.

Game Rant shares the name of one more character that has been confirmed as part of the “Injustice 2” character roster. The character is Black Canary. The dangerous blonde has been revealed in a newly released trailer. From the scenes shown, it can be deducted that Black Canary will be a fast moving character with a lot of MMA inspired moves. Her sonic scream will also be part of her list of abilities, as in the trailer it is shown that she uses it both in normal and special attacks.

Exit the realm of fact and enter speculation. It is known that there will be series of DLC characters, some of which will be guest appearances. In a poll held on the Game Faqs website it is shown that among the most popularly demanded characters come Spawn, Watchmen and Hellboy. It is also possible to see a Mortal Kombat appearance in the game. In the first “Injustice” title, the guest DLC Mortal Kombat character was Scorpion, which leaves fans hoping to see Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, or even Shinnok in the coming “Injustice 2”.  Injustice 2 will be released on May 16 for PS4, XBOX One, Android and iOS.

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