How To Evolve Pokemon In ‘Pokemon Duel’

By Allan , Updated Feb 06, 2017 05:47 PM EST

In “Pokemon Duel”, players can evolve their Pokemon just like in its anime series. They can choose to evolve it before or right in the middle of the battle by just triggering the evolution. It takes a while to master the trigger but with a few practice and this guide, players can learn how to do it in no time.

When the game first launched in iOS and Android market, not many people liked how the game goes according to Gamerant. However, it looks like everything is better now as players get to know the game and learn how exactly it is played. It’s nothing like the popular “Pokemon GO” but it gives players the competitive battles that most gamers like.

How to Evolve a Pokemon

To trigger a Pokemon to evolve, RankedBoost said players must customize their starting team before a match begins. From this point, players will see a blue dot next to the Pokemon figures which mean it is ready for evolution. Pokemon
without the blue dot means it's not yet set for evolution.

For Pokemon that’s not yet set for evolution, just edit the menu of the figure and assign the figures that players want to set for evolution. If the Pokemon could not be evolved, it means it still hasn’t met the requirements to evolve. Once all the Pokemon that players want to evolve has been set up, start the match and expect the Pokemon to trigger the evolve in the middle of the battle.

How to Win a Battle

The best way to win a battle in “Pokemon Duel” is to play the game as it should be and winning against the monster the player is against. Then evolve the Pokemon right after it to power up and get combat bonus. It's not always a winning strategy in the game but it will make a big difference for beginners.

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