Pokemon GO’ Latest Update Includes Better GPS Tracking, More Features For Apple Watch App & More

By Allan , Updated Jan 20, 2017 06:52 PM EST

Details of the latest update from Niantic has just been released and it includes various improvement in the game. From new features for Apple Watch App users, bug fixes to improve every player’s game experience and better GPS tracking. Now, the game will have an improved tracking feature especially when the player is not moving.

One of the common problem of the GPS in “Pokemon GO” before the 1.23.1 on iOS and 0.53.1 on Android update is the character movement whether the player is moving or not according to Gamerant. This is also the reason why some players abuse the glitch to hatch their eggs and acquire new Pokemon. And now that an update has been release, users are now hoping that the issue will finally be resolved.

Another bug that this update has fixed is when a player’s character moves too quickly to a place even when they are not moving that fast. When this happens, the game often assumes the player is in a vehicle and therefore not counting the kilometers walked, and stop the player from accessing a Pokestop and gym.

As for the new feature for the Apple Watch users, BGR reports players can now see when they obtained eggs when spinning in a Pokestop. This adds to the reasons why non-users should start considering getting an Apple watch, especially loyal players. Other updates in the game include minor bug fixes like text issues.

Since the release of “Pokemon GO” last year, it has earned hundreds of millions in revenue and is one of the most downloaded game in Android and iOS. And their continuous effort to improve the game definitely helps keep their loyal players happy and excited with the game. Hopefully, the much awaited Player VS Player and Pokemon trade feature will also be coming soon just like in the anime and in “Pokemon GO”.

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