'Overwatch' Developer Cites Unfair Advantage As Reason For Keyboard & Mouse Ban On Consoles

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:19 PM EST

Blizzard Entertainment reportedly promised players that it will strictly monitor "Overwatch" for any signs of cheating. The developer claimed it will ban players who have been caught hacking or manipulating the game to have an advantage. Just recently, they have apparently banned over 20,000 players from South Korea for violating their policy. However, it appears the developer is having a hard time moderating console players who are using keyboard and mouse peripherals.

Jeff Kaplan, game director, claims that their team is not in favor of console gamers playing the game with any mouse and keyboard peripherals. He said the team "objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on the console." The developer has posted a message detailing their views on their official forum. It's apparently not cheating if players use a mouse and keyboard, but the developer suggests that it might offer an advantage over those who are using controllers, reports Game Rant.

Reports have indicated that Blizzard Entertainment communicated with Sony and Microsoft about the input conversion devices for keyboards and mice. The "Overwatch" team obviously wants an even playing field when it comes to their game. They appear to be asking the manufacturers to disallow third-party mouse and keyboard usage or provide plug and play support for any keyboard or mouse for all gamers, reports Ars Technica.

It seems unlikely that the console manufacturers will agree with the developer anytime soon. The PS4 natively supports USB keyboards and mice but is limited to system function unless the game is programmed to recognize it. As for the Xbox One, recent updates are supposedly encouraging cross platform play, which makes it less likely for the manufacturer to withdraw support.

Blizzard Entertainment's current problem with "Overwatch" console players using a keyboard and mouse is not apparently expected to affect its popularity. Recent reports have already confirmed its 25 million users, and the issue with its control schemes is less likely going to affect most players.

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