‘Fallout 4’: 55 Gigabytes High Resolution Texture Pack Had Make Less Difference

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 09, 2017 09:21 PM EST

The high-resolution texture pack of "Fallout 4" that is announced by Bethesda lately, earns a lot of comparisons. Even though the announcement serves as a "love letter" to the fans, it is still questionable if it's worth the space. This is because players who want to download the texture pack will need an additional 58 GB of available space.

Bethesda had promised a free high-resolution texture pack of "Fallout 4" which makes the game look a bit better, as Kotaku explained. There are not much-uncompressed textures to do because the game already looks pretty spiffy. They explained that the upgrade is at its finest but some comparisons were still made to test if it truly made some changes in the game.

When zoomed in close, there are noticeable differences on the gallery of comparison shots taken by Redditor BrettonTT. The differences were not convincing enough for the player to clear some space in their hard drives just for the updates. Perhaps, "Fallout 4's" high-resolution texture pack had improved the quality of the original release.

The specific dates for the new Fallout 4 PC and PS4 updates was not announced yet by Bethesda, as Gamespot added. The new update will add support for PS4 Pro for the PS4. The update includes the following features, the enhanced God ray effects and the enhanced draw distance with a native 1440p resolution for trees, grass, objects, and NPCs.

The Commonwealth in "Fallout 4" will be looking better than ever, if the players' system can handle the game update, Bethesda said. The update can be disabled within the game's launcher menu. If that is so, players can give the update a try and return to its original textures if they want to. On the hand, Skyrim Special Edition will be adding more features for mods in their new update next week, as Bethesda added.

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