'Pokemon GO' Players Discover Secret Features With Fix On iOS In-Game Bugs, PokeStops, Gyms; Valentine's Day Event Introduces Breeding, Genders

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:03 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" players and data miner's have made some amazing discoveries in the game's most recent updates. The newly-found information is expected to create a huge impact on how the game would be played.

Significant Changes To "Pokemon GO" Discovered By The Players

"Pokemon GO" players have discovered that the in-game bugs on iOS have already been fixed. This means that the players will reportedly continue to enjoy the game without the background audio volume dropping down, while also listening to their favorite podcast or music.

Moreover, the "Pokemon GO" Hub team also claims that the PokeStops and Gyms have been included in the game and that some PokeStops have been converted to Gyms as well.

"Pokemon GO" players, meanwhile, are facing a more pressing issue concerning the current Android problems that continue to crash "Pokemon GO" since update 0.55.0 was released. According to reports, a huge number of "Pokemon GO" players on Android are currently experiencing an ongoing technical problem, where the game keeps crashing after choosing an avatar icon. The news about this was revealed just a few days ahead of a likely new "Pokemon GO" event on Valentine's Day, which will reportedly center on Eevee evolution, Dailystar reported.

"Pokemon GO" Valentine's Day Event May Bring Genders And Breeding

"Pokemon GO" rumors claim that the Valentine's Day event will bring gendered Pokemon and Pokemon breeding. Given that Chansey is among the few examples of first gen Pokemon that has a gender, players are expected to be pleased with the likely introduction of genders to the game.

Reports also suggest that "Pokemon GO" players would be interested in breeding out as many Pokemon of a specific species as they want, considering that capturing certain species of Pokemon is based on random spawn.  If rumors are true, the players will be able to increase their collection of certain Pokemon species, NeuroGadget reported.

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