PS4 Pro: Boost Mode Releases Extra CPU, GPU Power

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 12, 2017 11:41 PM EST

PS4 Pro owners will soon be able to maximize the power of their console with the soon-to-be released patch.  The upcoming patch will allow gamers to experience a performance boost even if a game was not built for the latest console or the game developer did not release a patch.  The initial test result showed a promising future.

PS4 Pro Boost Mode Will Soon Allow Players Experience Enhanced Version Of PS4 Stock Games

Sony will soon release a firmware update numbered 4.50 for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but will only unlock the Boost Mode for the latest console.  The new mode aims to release the extra CPU and GPU power that the new video game device contains under its hood, Kotaku reports.

Several game titles that were designed for the original PS4 were analyzed to see how the latest firmware will enhance the games.  The collected data showed games that were having difficulty reaching their intended frame-rate, or games with unlocked frame-rate were able to take advantage of the performance boost.  

However, stable games and those with a locked frame-rate failed to show a significant increase in performance when the Boost Mode on the PS4 Pro was applied, according to the test performed by Digital Foundry. Games like "BioShock Infinite,"  which ran smoothly once the PS4 Pro Boost Mode was engaged.  The common frame-rate drops and bumps were significantly taken out.

PS4 Pro Boost Mode Will Work Well With Games That Have Unlocked Frame-Rate

On the other hand, "Destiny"  showed a steady 30 FPS (frame-rate per second) regardless if the new PS4 Pro's new feature is enabled or disabled, but "Assassin's Creed Unity," showed a 35 to 38 percent performance improvement.  The latter game has provided fun and enjoyment while running at 30 FPS, which was unable to achieve on the original PS4.  The game was only able to reach 22 to 24 FPS, added TechSpot.

Additionally, tested games like  "Mighty No 9," "Project CARS" and "Battlefield 4" all gained a performance boost when tested out with the PS4 Pro's upcoming Boost Mode. Currently, there is no exact date when the PS4 firmware update will be released but is expected in the weeks to come.

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