'Nintendo Switch': Yoshizaki Koisumi Explains Super Mario Odyssey, Brand New 3-D Game & Jumps Into Large Sandbox World,

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 13, 2017 10:38 PM EST

 'Nintendo Switch' will have its newest game to be released this first quarter of 2017. Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo's offering for Nintendo Switch that will come in a brand new 3 - dimensional platform. The game will bring Mario into a new and huge sandbox world digitalizing the real world.

According to Nintendo, "Nintendo Switch" allows Super Mario to hurdle challenges as he jumps to a new different settings. The game will bring Mario to urban and to thickly forested areas, small and shanty towns and many more. How would Mario travel in the vast sandbox world, is the added gallery of the game.

"Nintendo Switch" will give Super Mario huge spaceships as he fight with the many enemies that comes his way in his quest to save Princess Peach. However, Super Mario will also have many friends who will support him and will fight with him. Take note of Mario's cap with eyes that can scan the world around, as reported by Polygon.

The brand new 3-D Super Mario game that comes with the "Nintendo Switch" is the advanced version to the older and classic Super Mario 64. As explained by the Producer Yoshizaki Koisumi, the game is the first new Mario with its own platform in a console. The action-adventure game, which involves only 1 player is developed and published by Nintendo under the action and platformer category.

"Nintendo Switch" will have Super Mario explore the huge universe aboard his space performing weird actions to include using his cap. Other "Nintendo Switch" game that are announced for future release are The Fighting Game Arms and Minigame Set 1 2 Switch. For more update of the game, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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