EA Fines 'Madden Bowl' Winner

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:22 PM EST

Reports have noted that the popularity of eSports has been steadily growing over the years. Sources have noted that with the increasing popularity of these gaming events, recognized players are closely being examined by the public. Just recently, "Madden Bowl" winner Chris McFarland was reportedly hit with a $3,000 fine by EA, which will be taken from his $75,000 prize money.

In a report from Game Rant, the reason for the McFarland's fine is apparently due to a breach of the developer's code of conduct. Reports claim that the player posted inappropriate content on his personal Twitter account. The company pointed out that they have "high expectations" for all of their competitors. Additionally, they also required that the tournament participants should have "positive, responsible conduct to be demonstrated."

Chris McFarland has since reportedly deleted some of the inappropriate tweets, However, copies have already been shared through social media. The "Madden Bowl" community reportedly found older posts, wherein the player allegedly used racial slurs, Polygon reports. Sources have confirmed that EA fined the McFarland not because of his past messages, but due to his comments "during and directly after the competition."

The players are also reportedly docked 100 Madden NFL Championship Series Points, which appears to be a big amount based on their December standings. The developer also explained that the $3,000 penalty will be used for programs to prepare gamers for their exposure as a professional top-level competitor. McFarland also posted a message on Twitter to confirm his understanding of the developer's decision to slap a fine for his actions.

"Madden Bowl" winner Chris McFarland has been awarded a slot in the Madden Championship, which is apparently the fourth and final event of the season. The EA penalty fee obviously showcases the popularity of the games and the competition. It is understandable for the developer to try to avoid any controversy by closely monitoring some of its players over social media.

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