'Super Mario Bros.' Maker Shigeru Miyamoto Publicizes Link Link For 'Legend Of Zelda'; 3rd Party Games To Nintendo Switch, Easy Process

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 12, 2017 10:44 PM EST

The legendary game developer Shigeru Miyamoto finally let the public know the full name of another Nintendo game character. "Legend of Zelda" Link's full name is, Link Link.

Link's full name is, none other than, Link Link

Miyamoto, together with Eiji Aonuma, "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" producer, were interviewed recently by Game Informer, a gaming website.  There were more than 50 questions asked to the duo and the whole session was recorded on a video, Kotaku reports.

The whole question and answer session was generally light-hearted.  Miyamoto and Aonuma were giggling throughout the interview, which really says much about their personality.

Miyamoto also shared that he always screws up the food he was cooking in the "Breath of The Wild"  game.  He also mentioned that the development team also love Tingle, the 35-year old man who is a recurring character in the game.

Additionally, Miyamoto also said that Mario's last name is indeed Mario.  The answer made Aonuma laughed hysterically. Plus, Link is not a human, that the game was the hardest in the series to create and not a single full sentence will be delivered by Link in the upcoming game.

Third-Party Game Developer Could Bring Their Games To Nintendo Switch With Ease

Previously, Miyamoto also held a question and answer portion during the most recent investor's meeting.  Here, the veteran game designer mentioned that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will be able to accommodate third-party game engines, Unity ad Unreal with such an ease.  This ensures that other developers can bring their game into their hybrid console anytime they are ready, according to a report by Gamasutra.

Miyamoto also revealed that several changes are happening within Nintendo itself.  The home console and handheld development teams have already joined forces in order to streamline any development into a common goal.  He also mentioned that their in-house developers have already mastered the latest game engine (Unreal), and is already at par with their Western counterparts.

In the meantime, fans are looking forward to the release date  of the Nintendo Switch and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."  Both products are scheduled to be unveiled this coming March 3. Watch 51 Questions And Answers About The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild here:


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