Nintendo Switch; Will It Become Nintendo’s Ticket To Greatness Or Failure?

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:37 PM EST

Nintendo has been through a rough patch for the past six months, even by the hyperactive standards of the video gaming industry. Shortly after its successful venture into the smartphone gaming arena, the Japanese gaming giant is preparing for the release of its latest console, Nintendo Switch. Will Nintendo Switch attain greatness or will it be Nintendo's desperate last spin?

Nintendo's "Super Mario Run" released for Apple's iPhone series in December is a relative success according to Telegraph . The game starring the iconic plumber has been downloaded over 80 million times which translates to about 6 billion yen in revenue. Nintendo intends to follow through its success with the upcoming release of its latest game console, Nintendo Switch.

The Kyoto-based firm is one of the biggest and oldest corporate names. However, history records that the gaming giant has dug their own pitfall in the past by being stubborn and refusing to follow industry trends. Forbes says that in terms of technological strength, Nintendo triumphs in the world of video games, creating iconic staple characters such as Mario and Donkey Kong on top of manufacturing distinct hardware. Unfortunately for investors, profits have been too erratic.

Nintendo's Wii console launched in 2006 was an innovation genius when it came with a wand-style motion controller. Wii became Nintendo's huge success, selling over 100 million units and its successor Wii U also drove sales higher. But in 2012, Nintendo sustained an enormous loss and its performance has been fluctuating ever since. Nintendo shares never got the chance to recover.

Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's shot to establish a home console market. According to some, the chance which comes with an elevator pitch is Nintendo's last shot. Switch promises to be the perfect synergy of home and handheld console, a tablet-style device that can be hooked to a television or taken on the go.

Will Nintendo Switch bring Nintendo back to the glory days of Wii? Or will Nintendo face another epic loss?Find out soon.

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