RetroBlox: Varied Retro Gaming On One Console

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:23 PM EST

Gamers who want to play their older video games or maybe share their childhood memories with the younger generation have different third-party options to choose from. However, it seems one device is showcasing the ability to play multiple game cartridges and CDs from a variety of consoles. The RetroBlox reportedly features an optical drive to read disc-based games and a slot that supports different kinds of video game cartridges.

The game console is also reportedly able to connect online and will feature a modern interface. Another relevant feature noted about the device is its ability to run cartridges with special graphics ships like "Star Fox." It apparently supports games for the Nintendo NES, Nintendo SNES, SEGA Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Sony PS1 and more. It seems to work by connecting various "Element Modules" into the main base, according to Gamespot.

The RetroBlox is "primarily made for people who own physical copies of games," which obviously means that downloaded ROMs will not work on the console. However, it apparently allows users to back-up their games into the system's storage, which lets gamers keep their games in great condition. Additionally, the system will supposedly prompt users to plug in a game cartridge in case the software needs to run on the special chips onboard.

Its backup system might appear like an easy way to make multiple copies of the game that could possibly lead to piracy, but the reportedly encrypts the data on the memory card, which renders its unusable on other consoles. The gaming system will also allow developers to sell their games through the system.

As of now, the RetroBlox does not have an official price, but it is supposedly going to be cheaper than $300, according to Kotaku. The device will reportedly hit Kickstarter sometime in April and might take another 10 months before it officially goes on sale.

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