'Destiny 2': Activision Speaks Up Against Speculations On Bungie Penalty

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:24 PM EST

"Destiny 2" was one of the topics during Activision's annual earnings call. Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg talked about the game's plans of a cinematic story featuring memorable characters for the sequel. It was also confirmed that the sci-fi shooter was scheduled to release in 2017. However speculations started to spread that Bungie was forced to release the game in 2017, otherwise, Activision will earn stocks from the developer.

The publisher made sure to immediately comment about the speculations, saying "There is no scenario where Activision, or any other partner we work with, is awarded Bungie stock." It appears that the publisher has decided to put an end to the spreading rumors about the highly-anticipated sequel. On the other hand, Kotaku reports that the developer is apparently getting an incentive to complete development soon.

Other reports claim that Bungie employees are expected to receive better stock options if they finish "Destiny 2" on time for its 2017 launch schedule. While both scenarios continue to be speculations, it seems like the developer is not in any kind of pressure from Activision to force the game's release this year. However, most sources believe the developer is expected to meet their development schedules and earn some unannounced rewards.

Fans are still eagerly waiting for more official details about the shooter sequel. The lack of official updates and communication from the developer has previously left players worried about the possibility of a delay. PC gamers are also waiting for the publisher or developer to officially confirm the speculations about the game hitting Steam, as reported by Game Rant. However, it would obviously be a logical step for the company to tap into the PC platform's user base.

At least three other Activision developers are reportedly on board with Bungie to work on "Destiny 2." Older speculations have indicated that players can expect a carryover from the first installment, but it appears that the sequel is set to be a complete overhaul.

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