Move Over ‘Bomberman’, ‘Bombergirl’ Is Coming To Arcades

By Allan , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:33 PM EST

Konami has announced that a new spin-off for the classic “Bomberman” games will soon arrive in arcades and its “Bombergirl”. The spin-off features a female version of “Bomberman” but with many differences in some adult content and presented in anime-style. The game was first revealed at the recent Japan Amusement Expo where players got a taste of the exciting new game.

Many fans of the classic games, “Bomberman”, is delighted to hear a new spin-off for the game is already in the works. In the expo where Konami first revealed “Bombergirl”, players can take control of 4 different characters named Momoko (a blocker), Shiro (a bomber), Emera (a long-range attacker), and Oren (a high-speed attacker) as reported by Polygon. The company plans to create up to 15 characters in the game and should be available when the game is ready for commercial release.

According to Gamerant, players will have to level up their characters to get more special attacks. But what the spin-off different to the original game is the scene that follows after every 4 vs 4 matches. Players that have lost the game will not only see a game over text but also the chosen character’s clothes being shredded off. For that reason, the game may be targeting a more adult audience.

There is no news yet when the game will release and when the complete details will be ready to share to the global market. And since the game was first announced at an expo in Japan, it is safe to assume the game will first release in Japan but many are hoping it will also release in other countries. All that is known now is that the game is already in development and will be available in arcades, possibly in pachinko machines.

This isn’t the first franchise of the classic game. The game was first published in the 80s and had many follow-up installments. “Bomberman” was originally created by Hudson Soft and was later on bought by Konami. Since then, the game is already playable on different consoles including Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and in Nintendo Switch.

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