'Nioh' Survival Tips; Here’s Tips That Can Help Players Reach The Game’s Conclusion

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 14, 2017 09:03 PM EST

"Nioh" is one tough video game. But tough do not translate to impossible. Here are some tips on how beginners and newbies can survive the fast paced hack and slash action game.

The action filled and fast paced gameplay of "Nioh" has captured the interest of gamers due to its grave difficulty. On top of which, the game throws a sharp learning curve and overall graphics to the game design.

"Nioh" takes gamers to feudal Japan where they have to battle against ninjas, samurais, onis and yokai, the monstrous creatures. According to VG 247, the game developed by Team Ninja lets players assume the role of the Western samurai William.

Gamers who are familiar with "Dark Souls" series and "Bloodborne" will find a little advantage when playing "Nioh". However, Telegram says that the game developers incorporated unique tweaks to increase the level of challenge that left many players frustrated.

In order to survive the game, newbies must first master the basics of combat. Dying in the game is inevitable; gamers will die, multiple times. While this is frustrating, dying after giving a fight feels much better. Gamers must take the opportunity to practice moves and master weapon combinations while getting the feel of the enemies and their corresponding attack pattern.

Next step is to pick one and stick to one. Gamers must choose between a melee and a ranged weapon. Each type of weapon has subtypes too so take time in discovering which weapon best compliments a fighting style.

"Nioh" gives gamers the access to a guardian spirit called "Living Weapon" which can be summoned in battle. It makes players immune to and gives more damage. It can be used when the living weapon icon in the HUD fills up so players must use it every time it can be used.

All amrita, weapons, and items included in a gamers Living Weapon will not be lost when players die, instead, they will all be left in the player's grave. Gamers can revisit their graves and retrieve everything. But first, one must fight against enemies to get to his grave.

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