'Fallout Shelter' Xbox One, PC Gameplay Walkthrough; 'Fallout 4' PS4 Pro Update Detailed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 14, 2017 10:30 PM EST

"Fallout Shelter" was released on the Microsoft Xbox One as well as Windows 10 PC in the previous week. It was initially expected that the game would launch under the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which came true on Feb. 7. In addition, the PS4 Pro version of "Fallout 4" is also expected to get an update that will focus mainly on the game's lighting and graphical elements.

The "Fallout Shelter" developers are set to introduce the simulation game to a wider array of audiences this year noting the game preferences of most gamers. On that note, "Fallout Shelter" will be downloaded without cost both on the Xbox Store and Windows. It should be noted that "Fallout Shelter" is deemed as a Play Anywhere title that allows players' progress to be saved and played on the two platforms interchangeably. Hence, the game will also work with the Xbox One controller when choosing to play the game on TV.

Note that "Fallout Shelter" will assign players the role of Overseer to put up their own vault. Moreover, players will also manage the inhabitants of their underground community. Furthermore, players may send their dwellers into the Wasteland to look for items and fend off ghouls and radscorpions, Trusted Reviews reported.

In other news, the "Fallout Shelter" developers Bethesda is slated to release an update on "Fallout 4" for PS4 Pro that may not include 4K resolution. It is expected that the update would bring in native 1440p resolution, better draw distance with NPCs as well as improved Godray effects. Additionally, both "Fallout 4" and "Skyrim Special Edition" are expected to bring in new features as well.

"Fallout Shelter", on the other hand is said to make the game feel backwards. Note that the Vault-Tec add-on pack on "Fallout 4" tasks players with creating their own vaults. On the other hand, "Fallout Shelter" will be playable for free, Engadget reported.

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