'Final Fantasy 15' DLC: Episode Explores Fate Of Ignis; Character Creation Tool Developed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 12, 2017 11:07 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" breaks trends in the franchise series given its own set of DLCs. In fact, a separate slate of DLCs is created for the main cast, which suggests that tactician Ignis would be revealed last.

"Final Fantasy 15" DLC Explores Ignis' Fate

"Final Fantasy 15" game director Hajime Tabata revealed in a recent interview that the episode that features Ignis gives the biggest impact to the entire story of the game. This was why the said DLC was decided to be slated as the last to be released.

In "Final Fantasy 15", Ignis Scientia is one of the companions of Prince Noctis, who was raised with the prince as an adviser. Although he is not directly playable, the DLC is the players' chance of experiencing the character.

"Final Fantasy 15" is reported to feature Ignis as his eyesight gets permanently damaged over the course of the story, yet will keep on fighting despite his disability. Reports suggest that the DLC will likely explore his fate after Noctis left him with Prompto and Gladiolus.

Meantime, "Final Fantasy 15" director Tabata also revealed that Episode Gladio was chosen to be the first DLC to bring a more improved version of the battles. Previously, Tabata announced that the company is working some technical experiments in the game, Video Games Republic reported.

Square Enix Develops Character Creation Tool For "Final Fantasy 15"

"Final Fantasy 15" is reported to include a new feature for its multiplayer mode. This was confirmed by Tabata after sharing some details about the Character Creation Tool, further revealing that the tool is also being worked at to make it applicable even in the single-player mode. However, the new feature is unlikely to be shown yet in the public, Techno Buffalo reported.

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