'Sniper Elite 4' Launched While Season Pass Details Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:44 PM EST

"Sniper Elite 4" fans already got their first taste of the game as the developers released the game on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. In addition, Rebellion also offered a $34.99 season pass with several bonus content and extra campaign and expansion packs. In the meantime, the launch trailer also revealed an expertly timed pandemonium.

More Weapons, More Skins And Separate Three-Chapter Campaign

"Sniper Elite 4" players who bought into the season pass received all of the pre-order bonus content from Rebellion. The season pass included the Camouflage rifle skin pack and the Führer campaign mission, Target where players are tasked to infiltrate a secret Mediterranean U-boat facility. In addition, the "Sniper Elite 4" season pass owners also received three additional campaign missions telling the story of Karl Fairburne's escape in Italy, GameSpot reported.

Additionally, the "Sniper Elite 4" season pass also came with several expansion packs launched alongside a campaign mission. Note that each expansion adds three new weapon along with eight weapon skins and additional two new characters for multiplayer and co-op.

Moreover, the "Sniper Elite 4" developers also packed in several new silenced weapons, wartime rifles, three other co-op and multiplayer characters and close-quarters weapon and equipment. Interestingly, all future multiplayer modes and maps are expected to be released free to all players even without a season pass.

Timing Is Everything In This Tactical Shooter Stealth Title

In other news, the "Sniper Elite 4" launch trailer recently showed masses how important timing is when executing an operation. It is said that proper timing is important when working as a sniper which includes planning an escape route, lining up the perfect shot and setting up several traps. In the trailer, Agent Fairburne is seen punching, shooting, stabbing and blowing up fascists, PC Gamer reported.  

"Sniper Elite 4" gamers are expected to come to the aid the Italian resistance in overthrowing its oppressors. The missions include destroying vehicular detachments, clearing out seaside villages and infiltrating outposts controlled by the fascists. Hence, "Sniper Elite 4" players are expected to adapt to numerous situations and timing properly. Watch the Launch Trailer here:


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