Nintendo Switch: GameCube Virtual Console Hinted By Nintendo

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:22 PM EST

Being just a few weeks away until consumers get their hands on the Nintendo Switch, it seems rumors and speculations are popping up almost on a daily basis. Most gamers know that the hybrid gaming system is set to launch with just a few games, but one of its launch titles have already swayed people into pre-ordering the device. Moreover, reports have started to speculate that its virtual console might support GameCube games.

It is obviously understandable that the company has promoted the new gaming device through its innovative features. Yet some gamers are still wondering about backward compatibility and older accessory support. The latest rumored console support comes from a statement by the company's deputy general manager, Yoshiaki Koizumi. He was reportedly talking to a Melty, a French magazine about the speculated feature, reports Polygon.

According to Koizumi, he says that they can't "really answer with precision" about GameCube games being available on the Nintendo Switch. He then indicated that Nintendo is "working on things that go in that direction." Although he did not specifically mention the console, it seems many fans have requested games from that console to be at least remastered for the new system, as reported by Game Rant.

Sources predict that the Switch might become a legendary gaming system if ever they decide to include what fans have been asking for. Meanwhile, gamers are advised not to set their expectations that high, since the news has not been officially confirmed by the company. Recent interviews with some Nintendo Executives have revealed that they are somewhat hesitant to support backward compatibility on the new console.

However, it was also discussed that they might consider some selective accessory support in a future update for the Nintendo Switch. Reports claim that fans are quite happy just to hear some kind of update about the GameCube's possible return as a virtual console. If it ever does come into fruition, it might take a while before it is introduced into the game system as an update.

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