'Battlefield 1’ Winter Update Includes Bug Fixes & Multiplayer Customization Options

By Allan , Updated Feb 15, 2017 10:35 PM EST

A new update for "Battlefield 1" have just been released and it includes new features in the game. The new content includes map-voting, bug fixes, ribbons and multiplayer customization options. The new update will have minimal effect on the player's gaming experience and could be the last update before the big paid DLC coming next month.

Just like most online games, "Battlefield 1" gets another update to fix game bugs and add new features in the game. The bug fixes include user interface issues and the heavy tank glitch when it doesn't appear on the mini map. The Martini-Henry rifle has also been fixed after many players saw the difference in its performance before the last update. And the biggest change the game had after the update is the added customization option in multiplayer mode.

After players install the update, Kotaku reports they will be able to get their characters up to rank 50 which used to be only 10. This will adjust all classes where players will be able to customize options after reaching every 10 ranks. Moreover, players will be able to unlock ribbons while in game without the need to set a goal.

And if that's not enough, "Battlefield 1" also gives a new bonus for players that have rented a server for multiplayer games from DICE according to Gamerant. They will now have admin controls including kicking and banning players in the server's matches. In addition, they can also enable map-voting so their players can vote on which map to use on the next round.

This update has definitely added new game features that will be useful to "Battlefield 1" players for a long time. It will also help make the long wait easier for the much-awaited paid DLC next month. The complete details of the DLC have not yet been revealed but it is expected to bring new multiplayer content for everyone to enjoy.

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