'Battlefield 1' Winter Update Increases Class Level Cap, Incorporates Built-In UI & 20 Ribbons Mean 300XP Points

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 15, 2017 11:02 PM EST

"Battlefield 1" players can expect numerous changes to come down their way once the Winter Update rolls out.  The update will increase class level cap, brings back the combat ribbons and several more.

Game developer DICE announced the update last week, confirmed it earlier and finally released the details in a blog post, GameSpot reports. The "Battlefield 1" team was not expecting that many players will reach the initial level cap, thus, they have decided to increase each primary class to 50.  

"Battlefield 1" single Battlepack awaits players at every 10 rank increments. A special bonus also awaits players hitting the max level. They will receive a kill card to further add insult to the egos of the opposing team.

Players will also be able to collect ribbons as they play the game. There will be 20 of these to collect, which will then add 300XP points to the player's character.  These commendations will go to players that have completed a specific task during the game like eliminating an enemy with a specific weapon type.

The "Battlefield 1" Winter Update will also add the highly anticipated rent-a-server feature. A built-in UI will make a server administrator's job easier to kick disruptive players.  It also provides the ability of players to cast a vote for the next map once a match has ended.

Meanwhile, DICE is in the process of improving the Suez map.  The development team is already aware that the map is a bit unbalanced in terms of flag positions and vehicle placement. Hence, the team is encouraging players to let them know what they want, according to PVP Live.

The team is also aware that the deployment screen needs improvement and is currently working to add more functionality aiming to be similar to "Battlefield 4's."  However, it will still take some time to develop since "Battlefield 1" uses a new different system.

"Battlefield 1" was released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Watch the new features of the Winter Update:


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