'GTA Online' Players Under NPC Paranoia; Double GTA $ Until Feb. 27

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 17, 2017 08:53 AM EST

More and more "GTA Online" players are getting paranoid these days.  They are starting to believe that the games NPC (non-playable characters) are out to get them and kill them.

The Import/Export update that was released last December and revolves around carjacking exotic cars. This has put many players to believe that a conspiracy theory really exist, Kotaku reported. It all started back in October when Rockstar North, the game developer released the Biker DLC.  NPC cars on the road seems to be deliberately trying to ran over players on their bikes.

There are several more updates between the two earlier mentioned. "GTA Online" players have noticed that the aggressiveness of the AI drivers has increased over time. There are many threads on the internet that one can go through in order to see the numerous GIF's that players have created based on their experiences.  Cars are veering out of their supposed path just to make contact with the players driving around town.

"GTA Online" players have already started to question Rockstar about the behavior of the NPCs.  Although it is really their concern.  Some players suggest that they want to lessen the cost of the repairs for their highly prized cars.  These repairs are not free and uses in-game money, which they earned via various activities.  Spending the bulk of their GTA$ on vehicle repairs will only leave them poor in the game.

Meanwhile, fans should also take advantage of the Valentine Week promo happening now.  Aside from the updated Adversary Mode called Till Death Do Us Part that comes with two new maps, players can also earn double GTAS$ and RP, reported Express.

The developer also included bonuses for "GTA Online" players who able to do Bike Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries They get to earn 25 percent more in-game money.  A 50 percent discount can also be availed from the Assistant Services, while a 25 discount is currently on at Gusenberg Sweeper, Be My Valentine Clothing, Import/Export Tattoos, Albany Roosevelt and several more.

"GTA Online" Valentine Days activity will end on Feb. 27. Watch the "GTA Online" Import/Export trailer:


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