'The Legend Of Zelda' 30th Anniversary Music Collection Pre-Order Opened; Things To Expect

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 17, 2017 08:44 AM EST

North American fans of "The Legend of Zelda" who are thinking about how to get their hands on the 30th anniversary music collection can worry no more.  Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the album and will start shipping next week.

Japanese fans just received their copies of the album this week.  Their pre-order process started back in December.  Canadian fans can also put in their orders now for both limited and standard versions.  Both North American countries can expect a Feb. 24 released date, according to Nintendo Everthing.

"The Legend of Zelda" 30th Anniversary Music Collection contains a copy of the concert performed by the world famous Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.  The group played the songs that have been a part of the iconic game for the past 30 years.  A DVD containing the images that were projected during the performances is also included in the limited edition set, which sells for $55.98.  The standard edition contains only the audio CDs and is priced at $35.18.

A CD stand is also a part of the package, and contains a design that depicts the character Link that looks like a conductor holding his Wind Waker wand.  The collection will also come in with a badge set that contains "The Legend of Zelda" harp and a 30th anniversary image.

Meanwhile, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is already set to have an Expansion Pass.  This was announced recently by Nintendo and will be available for $19.99 starting March 3.  Both the Switch and Wii U versions of the game can enjoy the expansion pack, The Verge reports.  

The first DLC is scheduled to arrive in the summer and will contain a new hard mode, additional map and a new cave to explore.  The second content will be released towards the end of the year, during the holidays and will add a new original story, a new dungeon and more challenges.  As an added bonus, upon purchase, Expansion Pass holders will receive three new treasure chests that contain exclusive in-game clothing and useful items.

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" DLCs comes in as a set and cannot be purchased individually. Watch how Nintendo is celebrating "The Legend of Zelda's" 30th anniversary

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