'Nioh' PS4 Gameplay: It's Not 'Dark Souls' Clone; Get To Know Protagonist William Adams

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 15, 2017 10:49 PM EST

"Nioh" has been revealed as the comeback RPG from Team Ninja boasting the team's skills in developing a Samurai game which became a PS4 Exclusive. "Nioh' has been likened "Ninja Gaiden" as well as "Dark Souls" but with a wide array of new inventions that made it reach the PlayStation 4. The game has also been praised for having an excellent combat as well as story.

"Nioh" Is Not Another "Dark Souls" Clone

"Nioh" is said to have taken inspiration from Hidetaka Miyazaki's RPG. However, Team Ninja included quite a number of combat bits eventually making "Nioh" bare little resemblance to its classic inspiration. However, "Nioh" does sport the "Ki" stamina meter from the beginning.

"Nioh" gamers have also noted that the game plays fast reminiscent of old "Ninja Gaiden" games sans the jump button. It should be noted that blocking and dodging are crucial in "Nioh". However, its protagonist, William plays quickly and lightly, handling with the swiftness of a Team Ninja character, NY Daily News reported.

"Nioh" follows the adventure of a European hero in the 1600s and tells a more traditional story with standard cutscenes and less riddles than "Dark Souls". However, the latter's inspiration may be seen both in the level design and in the combat. "Nioh" is filled with shortcuts through many areas for exploration. Furthermore, the missions may be replayed.

William Adams The First Known Western Samurai

In other news, the "Nioh" protagonist William Adams is an Englishman who is believed to be the first from his country to reach Japan, Independent UK reported. William then becomes the key advisor to a shogun named Tokugawa Ieyasu and takes his influence both Japan's politics and how others viewed Japan. William also embarks on a personal mission involving both historical and supernatural imagination of the 1600s.

The "Nioh" protagonist is also believed to be apt for an international game. "Nioh" is further believed to unify both the Japanese and Western audiences with this character. The head of Tecmo Development Studio Team Ninja also noted that William may resonate to non-Japanese users so they can learn more about Japan.

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