'Fire Emblem Heroes': How To Defeat Archer Takumi

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 17, 2017 08:46 AM EST

"Fire Emblem Heroes" players are on a quest not exactly to conquer the game, but rather to defeat one of the game heroes. Game fans are finding it difficult to defeat the weakness of Takumi, the archer expert in the game.

Takumi is a very reliable archer and has more number of strengths than weaknesses.  Even if he requires a single tile distance to launch an attack, and an opponent was able to close the gap, his counter-attack ability is still powerful enough to get away from it.  If in case a player goes up against Takumi on a one-versus-one mode, his high stats are a disappointment to see from a player's point of view, Kotaku reports.

Interestingly, one fan has figured out a way on how to do just that, with a character named Hector.  Hector is an axeman that can move back upon launching an attack.  But he needs to be placed in a position that is out of reach of Takumi once the latter launch his counter-offense.  However, this will not work out of the archer was able to strike first. It is still not a 100 percent foolproof, but it's a start.  

Currently, players are still in the process of figuring out other means to defeat Takumi.  It is either that or Intelligent Systems, the game developer, adjust the character's stats on its next patch.

Meanwhile, "Fire Emblem Heroes" fans who are still wondering why they have not moved forward on the game can consider getting better heroes.  Many players are still stuck with the default team of Anna, Alphonse, Sharina and Virion.  Getting a set of powerful heroes is one of the keys to achieve victory in the game, according to CNET.

It is also not advisable to let the heroes die too often. Characters that gets defeated often loses too much stat and will just require a longer time to move up to the next level.

Another tip from the experts is to have an idea of the result of a fight even before it begins.  A player can drag one of their heroes to an enemy, and without releasing the mouse button for about a minute, important will show up at the upper portion of the screen.  This will include the damage to be inflicted to the enemy, the number of swings one has to do to win and outcome of the health of each character after the fight.  And those are relevant to win a match.

"Fire Emblem Heroes" still has more tips and tricks available on the internet.  Be sure to check them out. Watch "Fire Emblem Heroes" trailer:


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