'Pokemon GO’ Guide: Where To Find Metal Coat & Which Pokemon Can Use It To Evolve

By Allan , Updated Feb 20, 2017 04:43 AM EST

A new update have been available for “Pokemon Go” players and it includes new items including a Metal Coat. This in game item is used to evolve specific Pokemon in the game. So this article is all about guiding players where to find it and how to use it on Pokemon.

Where to Find Metal Coat

Just like most items in the game, Metal Coats are found by swiping PokeStops. However, it doesn’t come as often as the other items so players have to be very patient and persistent. One strategy a player can do to increase their chances of getting one is by going to a place with many PokeStops so they can do more spins every 30 minutes. Places with the most PokeStops are usually found in the park, landmarks and churches.

How to Use the Metal Coat

There are only two Pokemon that can use a Metal Coat to evolve in “Pokemon GO” according to Primagames. This includes Onix that evolves to Steelix and Scyther that evolves to Scizor. Although it takes a while to find a Metal Coat as its purely by chance, the effort is all worth it because the evolved Pokemon are considered rare in the game. For that reason, the two Pokemon can be an essential Pokemon to use when the next update comes which includes PvP and trading features.

Before the update, Scyther is not too hard to find in the game, particularly when the players know where to find their nest. Onyx is much harder to find but aside from catching it in the wild it can also be hatched from an egg. However, the recent update may bring changes in the two Pokemon spawn rate according to Gamerant.

Aside from the two new evolution, “Pokemon GO” added a total of 80 new Pokemon found in the Johto region. And just like the first batch, some of it can easily be found while some takes a while to find and catch.

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