'Fallout 4' New Mod; Lets You Ride & Customize A Motorbike; How To Dowload It?

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 22, 2017 04:27 AM EST

"Fallout 4's" new and exciting mod is finally out in the market as it will allow players to roam around the place without walking. The new mod lets players customize their own motorbike which would be a big help for the game's exploration.

The game is a noteworthy game which is an open-world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. However, to be able to explore, the game's character must take it through walking or running as the game doesn't have any vehicles available.

"Fallout 4's" new mod is developed by "Hunk92" and is now being available for a free download at Nexus Mods. The new mod will eventually let players customize their own motorbike and later drive it around the streets of Boston. Players can even take Dog Meat along the ride, SegmentNext added.

How To Download

A player may download the new mod in Nexus' official website, NexusMods, which as the name suggests is a Nexus exclusive. Hence, a player must grab a Nexus Mod Launcher first to be able to install the Drivable Motorcycle Mod. Also when a problem persist in downloading through the launcher, as it sometimes happens, one can just drag and drop files in the data folder of such game. After dragging and dropping the files, "fallout4.ini" must be opened and add the following line in the file.

Though "Fallout 4", looks promising with the new Drivable Motorcycle mode, it is also worthy to note some of the glitches mentioned by PcGamer.These are the camera and animation as the game could use a little more tweaking and that the character's head might disappear when getting off the bike.

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