A 'Final Fantasy XIV' Love Story: A Couple's Romance In-Game and IRL

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:26 AM EST

As the saying goes, Love usually happens anytime and anywhere, which somewhat holds true as a couple found it through a video game. The game where they found each other happened to be an MMORPG called "Final Fantasy XIV". Their love story reportedly began when a knee injury sidelined 23-year old Brogan from work. Due to loneliness, she apparently asked her friend for some game recommendations and ended up with the MMORPG installed on her PS4.

In the meantime, a 21-year old Josh was also creating his online persona Sidmund Bourne and was apparently looking to join a social group in the game. However, her character Valkyen Vanguard had already entered into the Narshe Red Wings, with Josh joining afterwards. Mashable reports that the two began communicating, which eventually turned into a daily activity for the players. They also reportedly interacted in-game through emotes as well.

The two "Final Fantasy XIV" players eventually met in real life at a comic convention in London and found out that they are just living an hour and a half from one another. Josh and Brogan reportedly started dating afterwards, according to sources. The two began having feelings for each other the longer they spent time in the game or with one another physically. Consequently, they both decided to get married within the game they both enjoyed playing.

Although they are not married in real life, they have teased that it might be a possibility. She reportedly said "maybe in the future, haha," which seems to hint about how serious their relationship has become. Reports claim the couple goes on virtual dates when they are away from each other through in-game events. They have apparently planned to take a week off from work in June to play the game when its "Stormblood" expansion arrives.

Kotaku has reported back in 2014, the "Final Fantasy XIV" has allowed same-sex marriage in-game. The game has reportedly had its share of real life players tying the knot within fictional world, which eventually led to real life marriage. It really seems like love conquers all in a sense and even in video games. IGN has also indicated that Square Enix has expressed interest to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch.

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