'Lightfield' A Futuristic Racing Game Coming To PS4 & Xbox One

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 25, 2017 03:26 AM EST

A new hyper-futuristic racing will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One. "Lightfield" will be one of the new and innovative game mixing classical arcade racing and free flying.

The game's developer is composed of four people from Vienna, Austria with an impressive background in tech and art as well as interactive media and games. Lost in the Garden, the game's developer calls it as an "omnidirectional version of parkour."

"Lightfield" started when its developers decided to try something new. Matthias' (one of the members of the team) first inspiration was a classic game, Slipstream 500 and because of that, the team wanted to create a new game with a mixture of racing and flying with a twist of futurism.

The game is expected to be full of an abstract environment as it will not include any predefined-roads, guide rails or invisible walls. It is an open setting that gives players an opportunity to find their own paths, PlaystationLifestyle added.

So basically players can attach their ship to any surface in the game's environment. The game's debut will include seven tracks and four different environments, Destructoid reports. It's part strategic and all Tron-like Technicolor so a player will eventually enjoy the colorful world of the game.

"Lightfield" will feature classic race modes and time trial making it more appealing for its level architecture. It supports four-player local and online multiplayer. Though the specific date is not yet confirmed even though development is nearly complete, the game's developer has set the release in spring.

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