'Halo Wars 2' Unleashes On Xbox One, PC With A Catch; Heroes Find Galaxies More Dangerous Than Ever

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 25, 2017 02:18 AM EST

"Halo Wars 2" gamers may now opt to grab a Standard Edition for the Microsoft console and Windows PC aside from the Ultimate Edition previously released. The Standard Edition also packs multiplayer battles and solo campaigns as well as the new card-base deck builder, Blitz. It should also be noted that the multiplayer mode launched without a ranked competitive system.

Free DLC Released For "Halo Wars 2"

The "Halo Wars 2" developers are also offering the Leader Forge piece of content for free. Moreover, a Season Pass for the game is also available. Furthermore, "Halo Wars 2" includes Warthogs, Spartans and all the other classic fighting forces in a brutal war against a new enemy on the biggest battlefield ever seen in "Halo," The Xbox Hub reported.

In addition, "Halo Wars 2" packs a never-before-seen story as the heroes of the game find the galaxy more dangerous than ever. The story is said to be told in action-packed missions in the Ark. "Halo Wars 2" players have also begun scheming unique strategies to be used in large-scale battles against a threat facing the UNSC and ultimately, all of the humanity.

"Halo Wars 2" also features the multiplayer warfare that allows players to play up to 3v3 matches. Additionally, the new Blitz instant command allows players to combine tactical combat with card-based strategy.

"Halo Wars 2" Ranked Competitive Feature To Release Shortly After Launch

In other news, the "Halo Wars 2" developers have confirmed that the ranked multiplayer feature has only been delayed and will still be coming to the game shortly after launch, Gamespot reported. It is said that the formal ranked competitive system is unlike that of "Halo 5" that was said to be intentionally delayed at launch. Apparently, the Developer 343 Industries noted that an unranked environment may be more inviting and less stressful for gamers as they have more time to practice and try different strategies.

The "Halo Wars 2" launch has also been noted as a pre-season of sorts by the game developers. Apparently, new tweaks and fixes may still be launched on the feature via a hotfix. In the meantime, it should be noted that achievements and saves made on both console and Windows 10 PC may be moved between platforms. Watch the PC vs Xbox One Graphic Comparison of the game below:

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