'Resident Evil 7' Sells Banned Footage DLCs For Xbox One; PS4 Exclusivity Expired

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 25, 2017 02:32 AM EST

"Resident Evil 7" gamers may now pick up copies of the Banned Footage of Volumes 1 and 2 DLC packs for £7.99 and £11.99. The newly unearthed footage is said to feature more dark secrets of the Bakers in the Bedroom and in Nightmare. Apparently, PlayStation 4 exclusivity for "Resident Evil 7" has already ended.

Fighting For Life In The Most Twisted Card Game Ever

The new "Resident Evil 7" footage is set to bring gamers more horrors than the Baker family has already brought to the table. Moreover, gamers are expected to indulge in more secrets that may be uncovered with the DLC packs. The two new previously banned contents has been noted to send "Resident Evil 7" gamers in a basement full of horrors and to take part in the most sick card game imaginable, The Xbox Hub reported.

Moreover, the "Resident Evil 7" director Koshi Nakanishi revealed that the game would feature a blend of horror and combat with puzzle-solving. Hence, the DLC explores each of the concepts separately in depth. Furthermore, the found footage tape idea enables exploration of things that did not happen all in sequence rather to different people at separate times.

"Resident Evil 7" players are prompted to start the DLC tape without being sure where they are and then dying at the end. The developers have reported more freedom in the making of the DLC noting that pure combat was indulged in nightmare and Marguerite was dugged in more detail in the Bedroom giving players a chance to eat the food previously denied at the dinner scene.

PS4 Exclusivity For "Resident Evil 7" Expansions Has Expired

In other news, all of the "Resident Evil 7" DLCs previously exclusive to the Sony console have expired. Hence, the contents are now available on the Microsoft Xbox One and PCs. It should be noted that the first volume made its way to the PS4 on Jan. 31 with two Scenario missions and the the new mode called Ethan Must Die, Gamespot reported.

"Resident Evil 7" second volume however packed the 21 Scenario where gamers must gamble life and limb in the deadly game by Lucas Baker. The contents also added the Daughters Scenario to "Resident Evil 7" acting as a prequel to the main game. The new mode, Jack's 55th Birthday is also included in this volume. Watch the footage below:


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