Nintendo Switch: Gamer Reportedly Camping For 30 Days To Buy Game System

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 26, 2017 02:46 AM EST

The Nintendo Switch is officially launching next week and gamers are reportedly waiting for their pre-orders to become available. Most consumers must have probably pre-ordered online. However, there are some gamers who prefer acquiring their console the old-fashioned way, by lining up during launch day. However, Alex Pekala planned to camp a total of 30 days to be the first customer in line when the product officially comes out.

His actions appear to be remarkable, given that he is camped outside the Nintendo Store in NY during winter time. It seems that being the first to grab the new game system is worth all the trouble of being exposed to the elements and more. Reports have claimed that the opportunity to be the first to purchase a new console is considered a lifetime achievement. Game Rant also speculates that his actions might be considered a new world record for the gaming community.

The launch day for the Nintendo Switch will apparently mark the 30th day for Alex Pekala's adventure. More information about the individual has supposedly revealed that he is connected to Isaiah Johnson. Johnson is known as the first person to purchase the Nintendo 64 way back in 1996. Numerous other world records for game and console purchases were apparently linked to Johnson as well. Rumors have indicated that Johnson contacted Pekala to request that he continue his legacy.

The 40-year old Johnson is reportedly unable to continue his legacy due to his obligations with other matters. Due to his responsibilities, the enthusiast admitted that the no longer has enough free time to line up and wait for a product release, reports Eurogamer. However, it appears that he does not want to flame to die out since he reportedly recruited the young Pekala to grab his own opportunity for fame.

Alex Pekala has less than a week before he completes his 30 days of camping out for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers who failed to pre-order will definitely encounter a lot of frustration on launch day when most of the stocks usually get sold out. Several reports have already hinted that supplies are most likely very limited on the first day. The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.

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