Nintendo UK Confirms Enough Stock For Nintendo Switch Launch

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 26, 2017 02:25 AM EST

The latest reports have revealed that the Nintendo Switch might encounter shortages after in launches next week in the US. The demand for the new console is understandable given the warm reception it has garnered from critics even before their review embargo ended. Meanwhile, Nintendo UK has apparently assured consumers in that there won't be product shortages come launch day, according to the company's UK general manager Nicolas Wegnez.

According to his interview with MCV UK, Wegnez explained that despite the "very strong" pre-order performance of the console, the company still expects that some shops will have enough units. The executive notes that the game system will still be "available at some retailers on Day One." He goes on to describe that more shipments of the new device will "steadily come." He indicated that restocking process will not be treated like a "sprint," but rather more of a "marathon."

Nicolas Wegnez also revealed that Nintendo UK is "so busy preparing strong plans" for the months that come after its official launch. The news of the Nintendo Switch being well-stocked on and after its release date appears to be great news for gamers who are still on the fence about the new console. It is speculated that these gamers are still waiting for more reviews in order to make an informed decision about their planned purchase. It apparently means that these consumers can just walk-in a retail shop and decide to purchase a unit anytime.

Despite the UK manager's confirmation, it should be noted that other territories might not have the same contingency process in place. Game Rant reports that countries like Japan have encountered an overwhelming demand for the new game system. 80 percent of the first wave of shipments have already been pre-ordered, which obviously makes it difficult for those who did not secure their orders beforehand, as the demand for the device still continues to rise.

Nintendo UK executive Nicolas Wegnez's confidence about the ample stocks for the Nintendo Switch possibly comes from reports that Nintendo has considered the reports of the console's pre-order demand. According to speculations, they have most likely increased their production of the hybrid console, but have not officially announced global allocation.

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