Nintendo Switch Save Files Are Console-Locked, Transfer Option Currently Not Available

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 03, 2017 06:02 AM EST

It looks like consumers were met with some more unfortunate news about the Nintendo Switch just after its official launch. The latest reported revelation might give undecided gamers more reasons to hold off their purchase of the new game system. Sources have confirmed that the new Nintendo console does not offer a feature to back-up or transfer save files from one console to another.

Several reports have confirmed that players who encountered the issue apparently thought it was a pre-release bug. It seems that most of them thought that the console's first day patch might activate the feature as a fix to the problem. Game Rant has noted that it was not the case after several users have updated their game system and still encountered the issue.

Some analysts have reportedly tried to test if the Nintendo Switch might have a save file transfer option for external storage, but unfortunately the system refused to budge. Nintendo has reportedly confirmed that the issue is indeed there, they said "at this time, it is not possible" to move the data from one console to another. Therefore, it seems to hint that the feature might become available after a future update for the Switch.

The game system's SD card slot seems to be limited to storage expansion only for digital games. The hybrid consoles internal storage is definitely on the low side with only 32GB of space, which is actually lesser due to the system files needed by the system. Its seems like a strange approach for the company, especially with one of its upcoming games requiring more storage space that what is built-in.

Polygon notes that fans are worried about the Nintendo Switch's current problem with save files. In the event where the console dies or gets stolen, gamers cannot keep a backup of their progress, which would seem bothersome for a lot of reasons. Some sources have begun to feel like the system was rushed for retail. The Switch is now available in retail for $299.

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