Nintendo Switch Has Web Browser Hack; Third-Party Supports Needed

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 06, 2017 05:01 AM EST

Nintendo Switch launch came with a disappointment in terms of a proper web browser. Apparently, Nintendo Switch users reported difficulty watching videos and simply visiting websites using the recently launched console. However, experts have revealed that using "Web Applet" may do the trick.

Play Videos On Facebook, Tweet On Social Media On The Nintendo Switch

Note that the Web Applet is a Web Browser offering the functionality of logging into a hotspot for online access on the console. Once Nintendo Switch users access the Web Applet on the console, the system may be tricked into giving access to other websites. However, note that the current functionality of this trick is fairly basic and may not work correctly in a few cases which may result in weird encoding issues, Gearnuke reported.

As an alternative, Nintendo Switch consumers may also head off to User Settings and scroll down to check the Social option allowing users to link Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Nintendo Switch user may then access the whole Twitter or Facebook using a loophole on the Nintendo Switch. It has also been noted that playing videos on Facebook on the Nintendo Switch following the process, works fine. Rumors have also been circulating that a software update for the Nintendo Switch post-launch may add a functional web browser to the console.

More Third Party Apps Needed For The Nintendo Switch

In other news, critics reveal that the Nintendo Switch lacks strong third-party support. It has been noted that third party apps may be necessary to ensure the success and longevity of the Nintendo Switch. It is expected that Nintendo would feature more solid software options on the Nintendo Switch as the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS enjoyed excellent third party support during their lifetimes, PC Mag reported.

Nintendo Switch has also been revealed as a region-free device. Hence, gamers may play games on the console from anywhere in the world. Furthermore,the game is also getting a surge of independent games in 2017 with roughly 60 being announced for the console including "Stardew Valley" and "Shovel Knight." Check out more about web browsing on the console below:


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