Nintendo Switch Has ‘Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges" Release In May

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 08, 2017 06:07 PM EST

Nintendo Switch is confirmed to support "Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges" on May 26. The announcement was made by Capcom.

Nintendo Switch Users Will Have Pixel Graphics And Modern Look

The Nintendo Switch users will have the option to switch between pixel graphics and the more refined modern look for "Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges". Meantime, the game will be priced at $40, featuring Violent Ken and Evil Ryu in one game for the first time.

Nintendo Switch support for the game is expected to come with a first-person mode that uses the Joy-Con controllers' motion controls "Way of the Hado". However, some fans may also consider choosing two Pro Controllers, as reports indicate that the Joy-Cons may not be the most fitting gamepads for a traditional fighting game like the "Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges".

According to reports, a lot of fans are now excited to see how the game will play with the multiple Nintendo Switch consoles networked locally. Incidentally, a recent review reveals the reason why this game is the perfect type of game that Nintendo Switch needs, Forbes reported.

"VOEZ" Is The First Portable-Mode Only Game For Nintendo Switch

"VOEZ" was recently announced by Famitsu for Nintendo Switch, but it also revealed that the game will not be played in TV mode, making the game newsworthy. In addition, the game is also touchscreen, which is easy to understand given that it is a rhythm game. This could mean that the developers have the choice between making the game available for both modes or on just one mode.

On the other hand, this may also indicate that AAA games may likely skip the portable mode of Nintendo Switch, which could also show that the players may yet to see a Nintendo Switch version for AAA games. However, it is an entirely different argument if Nintendo will have the processing power to run those games, The Wolf Hall reported. Watch "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers"  Nintendo Switch here:


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