‘The Division’ Weekly Vendor Reset For March 3; New Weapons And Gears Including Navy MP5 and LVOA-C

By Allan , Updated Mar 06, 2017 04:19 AM EST

Every week, “The Division” makes a vendor reset in the game wherein new and different game items are available for players to collect. This week, the game features new weapons, blueprints like Navy MP5 N, LVOA-C and much more. So this article is all about highlighting all the new items players can look forward to this week.

As of March 6, VG247 reports new blueprints are available in the game including the Snubnosed Rhino for 256 Gear Score and 749 Phoenix Credits, the M870 Express for 256 Gear Score and 998 Phoenix Credits, and the Firearms Knee Pads for 256 Gear Score and 499 Phoenix Credits. In addition, there are also new Gear Mods, Stamina Chest Performance and blueprints like the Custom L86 A2, Ti-RANT Suppressor, and Military P416.

Special Equipment vendor also added rare weapons like the Historian, Cassidy, and Liberator for 256 Gear Score and 1,133 Phoenix Credits each. Moreover, Custom PF45, Pakhan, Tactical SASG-12 K, Vector 45 ACP and the Surplus SVD are also on the list. As for the Advanced Weaponry vendor, players can purchase the Compensator for 174,722 Credits, SOCOM M1A for 1,1669,320 Credits, 586 Magnum for 1,335,456 Credits. Other options include the marine Super 90, Tactical Vector 45 ACP and the G36C.

Meanwhile, the Dark Zone Gear Vendor BoO offers the Prototype Firearms Mod, Tactical SASG-12 K for 24,137 DZ Funds, Improved Iron Sights for 24,137 DZ Funds, and Spec-ops Holster for 194,208 DZ Funds. And for players looking for more gears can check out the Reclaimer Support Backpack for the DZO6 that costs 277,440 Funds, Pads of the Nomads for 221,952 FZ Funds and the Hunter’s Faith Mask that costs 249,696 DZ Funds.

And lastly, for the Dark Zone Checkpoint located on the east side of 53rd Street, "The Division" players can get the Navy MP5 N for 256 Gear Score that is equipped with Critical Hit Chance of 22.5 percent, Swift, Deadly and Accurate.

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