‘Destiny 2’ News: Light Level, Guardian’s Skills, Other Items Not Carried Over From ‘Destiny 1’; Character Data Present

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 10, 2017 04:01 AM EST

"Destiny 2" latest reports reveal players' most unwanted change about item carryover. The new details have been confirmed by Bungie through a short video of the game information in the latest update.

"Destiny 2" Information Will Disappoint The Players

New information about "Destiny 2" is believed to disappoint the players. As Bungie stated, the sequels represent the beginning of a new adventure for each player, given the new stories to tell, new worlds to discover, new loot to gain and new powers to achieve among others. With such, the studio has led to a decision that enables them to serve the game and the interests of the players -  "Destiny 1" power, Eververse-related items and currency and possessions will not carry forward, but will continue to be accessible in "Destiny 1".

"Destiny 2" players, therefore, will no longer carry across their Guardian's skills and Light Level, including their ships, weapons, emblems, armor and other items. In addition, all the Eververse items that have been paid through real money will also be left behind on the "Destiny 1" servers. However, reports claim that the Guardians will be transferred to the new game, as long as Light Level 20 has been reached, and that the mission "The Black Garden" has been completed, Tank War Room reported.

"Destiny 2" Updates Suggest Likely Carry Over Of Character Data

Character data in "Destiny 2" like gender, guardian race and appearance may likely be carried over from "Destiny 1." This comes as a great news to the players, which further suggests that it is going to be a direct sequel with a similar implied protagonist.

It is also worth noting that in other serial titles that import character data, the armor, items, weapons and light score will not be carried over, which means everyone is reset to Level 1 with a different armor yet with the same guardian's face, Bleeding Cool reported. Watch "Destiny 2" Cinematic Story - here:


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