'Overwatch' Lead Writer Teases Upcoming Story Content Coming Soon

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 10, 2017 07:48 PM EST

When Blizzard Entertainment released some of its previous "Overwatch" heroes, a comic or animated short film was often released as a prelude to their arrival. However, with their latest reveal for Orisa, it has been reported that some gamers were somehow disappointed with who the hero was unveiled. It appears that fans want more and expect some story content to flesh out her arrival.

The game's 24th hero was surprisingly added to the Public Test Realm (PTR) without any virtual comic and no animated short story unlike its previous heroes, reports Game Rant. All fans got was a short tease about the character of Efi Oladele as she recounts her experiences with Doomfist's attack at the Numbani airport. Then players got a short montage that showcased a rushed backstory for the character's creation.

According to some reports, a disappointed player apparently created a post in Blizzard Entertainment's official forum for "Overwatch". He speculated that the developer has intentionally held back the game's story. The user reportedly claims that it's the result of the recent retirement of Chris Metzen, who was large contributor to most of the game lore created for some of the developer's games. However, Michael Chu, lead writer for the Team-based shooter responded to the post to confirm some news about the Orisa story content.

Chu mentions that "we have a lot in the works" and noted that the 24the character is their first release for 2017. He shared the developer's plan to consistently release "story-related updates" and "content," which explains the slight delay with some of the character introduction content for its newest hero. He further teased players with "a little something else is coming just around the corner," which supposedly hints of a short waiting time until its release.

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment might have hinted at another surprise reveal in the works for "Overwatch", which fans continue to speculate as Doomfist-related. Meanwhile, a recent article from Gamenguide reports that some balance changes are on the way for several heroes. It could also mean that the developer might have plans to release everything all at once to make it a substantial update for the FPS.

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