'Overwatch' Devs Share Upcoming Hero Balance Updates

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 08, 2017 05:34 PM EST

"Overwatch" PTR players reportedly experienced several balance updates last week as well as the introduction of the game's latest hero Orisa. Surprisingly, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that they are not yet done with the current changes. The developer has apparently prepared a bunch of new tweaks that will both nerf and buff several characters. So far, the characters involved are Winston, Orisa, Zenyatta, Ana, Junkrat and Sombra.

The game's principal designer Geoff Goodman shared the finer details of the changes and balance adjustments through the official forums. He explained that the latest tweaks should be updated "very soon". According to Game Rant, these updates are still subject to some testing in order to determine which ones will make it for the official release. With the Competitive Play mode now in its fourth season, players are reportedly hoping to see a more balanced gameplay.


The sniper seems to be scheduled for another nerf, which is a surprise since she recently received an adjustment that lowered her damage and healing abilities. The new "Overwatch" update will reportedly lower her Bionic Grenade damage from 60 to 30, while its healing is reduced from 100 to 50 only. Moreover, Her Bionic Rifle damage will be decreased from 80 to 60.


The explosive-loving hero has received very little changes since the game launched last year. However, the developer has apparently seen fit to improve his survivability through a buff that makes him invincible against his own weapon's splash damage.


Despite reportedly receiving several buffs from the latest update, the developers seem keen to further improve the stealthy hacker. The upcoming tweak aims to lower the cooldown of her Translocator ability to 4 seconds only, while her sound effects are set to be reduced to 15 meters after her Stealth ability has been activated.


The omnic is apparently set to receive several buffs such as a lowered recovery period from a second to 0.6 seconds for his Orb of Destruction. Additionally, His Orb of Discord will mark targets behind barriers.


The game's lovable primate will receive a somewhat small but useful buff in the upcoming update. His Projector Barrier cooldown counter will reportedly begin after its usage, unlike the previous setting where it starts to recover only after the barrier has been destroyed or its timer runs out.


The latest "Overwatch" hero Orisa, has been available for PTR players since last week. However, it appears Blizzard Entertainment has received a lot of feedback, which implies that the new character is too strong. The developer revealed that they will reduce her magazine size from 200 down to 150. Additionally, her Ultimate ability will cost 15 percent more to earn. Some players also hope the new update will address her Supercharger bug, which was detailed in an article from Gamenguide.

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