'Overwatch' Dev Warns Custom Game XP Abusers

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 10, 2017 10:40 PM EST

Multiple reports have confirmed that some players have abused the custom games to farm XP. It seems like the news about these cheaters have reached Blizzard Entertainment's ears as "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan details their countermeasures. It has been reported that these players have exploited the new mode to quickly level their characters and attain loot boxes. While, playing custom games is not an offense, staying idle apparently is.

"Abusing and exploiting custom game or any other game mode to earn experience" and being "inactive is NOT ok," says Kaplan. He also posted in the game's official forums and informed players that they will enforce "disciplinary action against people who partake in these activities," according to a report from Game Rant. It seems like the reported unfair practices might be put on hold quite soon. The game director also noted that offenders will be banned from the game.

Blizzard Entertainment points out that these offenders have intentions to "create a custom game that in any way encourages players to gain experience". It seems that players knowingly join these modes to exploit experience points while their characters are inactive. Jeff Kaplan further clarified that for Overwatch players who name a custom game mode with anything that suggests an XP farm activity will also face a possible account ban.

The developers were obviously not afraid to ban cheaters in the past. It has previously named and shamed offenders who were caught red-handed by moderators or through the game's reporting system. The have also implemented some updates to combat cheating during custom game mode matches. Gamers have noted a shorter away from keyboard (AFK) timer to discourage inactive players. While the Skirmish mode in custom game modes no longer gives out experience points.

Other than XP farming problems, "Overwatch" players have also reported some glitches and bugs in the game's PTR. Gamenguide previously reported a possible game-breaking glitch with Orisa's Ultimate skill. The glitch renders the Supercharger invincible and gives Orisa players a big advantage during encounters in certain choke points on the map. Players hope that these issues will be addressed by Blizzard Entertainment soon before their next big content update.

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