Latest 'Overwatch' PTR Bug Reportedly Makes Orisa's Supercharger Invincible

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 07, 2017 04:32 AM EST

Players who have access to "Overwatch" on the Public Test Realm (PTR) have most likely tried using the newest hero Orisa. While some players are actively developing strategies and finding new ways to counter her skills, others are apparently looking for exploits and bugs with the new character. Recent reports have pointed out a possibly game-breaking bug with her Ultimate skill called Supercharger if used on certain areas on several maps.

According to PVP Live, the developers have expressed their intention to make the hero an anchor tank, which can also support her team mates with her various skills. Her ultimate for example, boosts all her team mates' damage output by 50 percent. However, opponents can target the object she drops, which only has around 200 health points and stop its effects. Since it is vulnerable to attacks, players should strategically drop her Ultimate and keep it hidden from enemy fire.

Reports have pointed out that a Reddit user named Muppetfarts has apparently discovered that "Overwatch" PTR players can rely on a bug to keep Orisa's Supercharger safe from enemy fire. The bug works when players drop her Ultimate skill on areas where there are stairs. The bug reportedly allows the Supercharger to clip through the stairs, which makes it invulnerable from attacks. This is obviously a major problem since most of the game's choke points feature stairs.

Players are worried that if the glitch is not fixed in time for the character's official release, it could lead players to take advantage and abuse the bug to possibly win matches. It seems that the problem is not only limited to stairs. Others have also reportedly confirmed that it works on payloads as well. The latest game update has also included another bug with Reinhardt, it supposedly gets his shield stuck and allows him to attack continuously with his barrier still active.

Last week, it was officially announced that Orisa was the 24th hero to join the roster in "Overwatch". However, Blizzard Entertainment has not yet publicly acknowledged the PTR Supercharger bug with the new character, reports Segment Next. Several sources have speculated that the developer will mostly likely make an announcement about a fix and possibly other news this week.

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