Bungie Confirms 'Destiny: Age of Triumph' Challenge Modes For Older Raids

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 10, 2017 10:37 PM EST

Bungie has officially shared more information about its upcoming update for "Destiny: Age of Triumph". Fans have previously speculated that the new update will introduce new content and possibly a new raid. However, it is reportedly a welcome surprise for the players as the developer announced the return of its older raids along with new challenge modes.

The developer indicated during their livestream that the "Vault of Glass", King's Fall and "Crota's End" will be updated with a Hard Mode option on 390 Light level, as reported by Game Rant. The update obviously levels them up with the newest "Wrath of the Machine". One of new contents declared were the much welcomed return of elemental primary weapons.

It was revealed that the "Vault of Glass" raid will receive the Templar Challenge and Atheon Challenge. Although it was not announced, gamers also suspect that "Crota's End" will feature two Challenge modes as well. This was supposedly supported by the "Age of Triumph" record book for "Destiny", which shows nine in total. The other five was already confirmed to be with "King's Fall" and "Wrath of the Machine".

Several reports have noted that fans are excited to experience more content for the sci-fi shooter's endgame "Destiny: Age of Triumph".  The developer also explained that it has made some small changes to the activities. They apparently wanted to tweak some areas and elements that will make gameplay more enjoyable and avoid huge changes that might turn off some players.

However, Bungie did not share the finer details and will apparently leave it up for the players to discover. Sources shared that the tweaks are most likely for cheese spots and minor bugs from the original raid versions. It seems like the "Destiny: Age of Triumph" content is a great way for the developer to celebrate the success of their game. And it seems like an enjoyable update for gamers to enjoy while they wait for "Destiny 2", which is apparently scheduled to launch this year, according to a report by Gamenguide.

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